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Want to renew your wedding vows and strengthen your relationship? Celebrate your anniversary and renew your vows. Relive those special moments when you tied the knot together. Show your children and the world the love and the commitment that you have built with your spouse over the years. Be it your first, your twenty fifth or your fiftieth anniversary, make it a great occasion and celebrate how your love has grown over the years. Celebrate how you were able to overcome individual differences and difficult times and enjoyed the great times together making it a lasting marriage. Let Wedding Cloud take over and plan every detail for your great occasion. Right from helping you select a priceless gift for your spouse to sending out party invitations, we are here with an array of options and select vendors to choose from. We scout for your choice venue and pick your favourite food and drinks. We plan out your party decoration ideas and also co-ordinate the music and entertainment to keep the party in full swing. Sit back and enjoy as we celebrate your occasion with you.

Naming Ceremony

Let not dull venues damp down the celebration of a new baby’s arrival. Celebrate the special occasion of your child’s arrival into this world with Wedding Cloud and mark the beginning of their life journey in a special way. Create excitement among your guests about disclosing your child’s name by choosing a special venue. Hire a religious leader with us and invoke a sacred blessing upon your newborn. Get access to top-grade projection technology and smooth audio-visual technology to showcase the journey of your newborn coming into this world and your excitement as new parents. Read special passages to mark the occasion. Let the naming ceremony be an occasion of feasting and celebration with family, friends and loved ones. Capture the novel moments of your newborn with our photography and videography services and cherish the memory for eternity. Get access to cute decorations and newborn themes and make your child’s naming ceremony a remarkable one.


Nine months went by at a snail’s pace and finally It’s time. You and your spouse cannot conceal the excitement around the arrival of the baby. You want to host the best baby shower ever. You’ve bought the glorious looking cradle to lay your baby in, purchased diapers blankets and swaddlers. The newly painted nursery looks adorable with the soft toys. It is the perfect time for bonding with your hubby along with trying to beat the symptoms of fatigue. With trouble sleeping, varicose veins and stretch marks, you want to just get it over with. It’s almost too much to think about and too much to handle. This is where Wedding Cloud comes into the picture. Our baby shower services range anywhere from choosing a venue to decorating and styling it to planning a hearty meal for your guests. We help you with sending invitations to your guests and with parting baby shower gifts for your guests as well. We are the perfect stress busters for all your baby shower needs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your loved ones while we take care of everything for you. We’ll make sure that your friends and family leave amazed and happy.


Organizing a corporate meeting can be a meticulous business that requires attention to detail and careful planning for the smooth execution of the presentations and discussions. Whatever may be the goal of your meeting, we give you a perfect venue that suits the size and nature of your business and creates a perfect ambience for all attendees to brainstorm new ideas. While you coordinate your meetings, we coordinate the logistics so that you can fully immerse yourself in thinking out of the box. Our refreshment and meal services will also cater to the needs of your attendees. No one likes an unprofessional environment for business proceedings, as it gives a clumsy outlook to the organization. Experience a venue with sufficient capacity to accommodate your attendees with enough seating for everyone. With ample parking space, your attendees don’t have to worry about anything else other than the goals of the meeting. From Wi-Fi connectivity to sufficient lighting, we take care of all the adequate amenities for your meeting’s success.


School days are supposed to be special with fun-filled activities, so why celebrate them at a dull venue? Make your students’ school day a thread of lively memory by giving them an exciting environment. From fun competitions to talent shows, host the event in a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Get access to our decor services from balloons, streamers and other festive decorations to hype the event. No event is filling without delicious meals and refreshments being served. Surprise your students with a lip-smacking menu and earn their eagerness towards the institution. For field trips and school picnics, use our services to meet all our requirements, from transport facilities to places of accommodation. We handle the logistics and also provide the best photography and videography services. Record the budding moments of your students and give them something to cherish for a lifetime. Make their school day even more special with our thrilling amenities.


Organize a fun and exciting birthday party within a determined budget and decide on where you want to host the party. Whether it is a small birthday party or a lavish celebration, we provide all types of venues that add to the charm of the occasion. We plan age-appropriate activities so that all your young guests are well entertained. With magic shows and fun games, we make sure that exciting shrieks are in the air. Take a seat as we serve your young ones with the most delicious and appetizing menu. From customised cakes to theme-based cuisine, enjoy the best of catering services. We give dreamy decor to your parties depending on your age and preferences. Hire professional photographers with us, and generate a buzz on your social media with quirky and amusing snaps. Dance to the rhythm of a carefree vibe with our funky DJ services.

Book Launch

While organizing your book launch, several decisive steps must be observed to make it a successful event. If this is your first or umpteenth book launch, messing up anywhere in the planning and execution can amplify your loss. We provide you with a wide range of venues so that you can catch up with the trend and not just stick to old-style library locations for your book launch. Make use of our ample parking space for your guest attendees so that the entire attention is towards the complicated plot of your novel rather than the complicated route of parking. With our halls, get the benefits of the intelligent lighting system and sparkle throughout the event. Get access to the best of audio-visual technology and give way to seamless interaction between you and your audience. Refresh your audience with our catering services. With our videography services, it is time for you to rule the marketing world. Your words weigh a lot, so why step back from a weighty book launch?

Product Launch

Whether it is fashion clothing, jewellery, electronic gadgets, automobiles or food products, your product launches don’t have to stick to the redundant course of bygone marketing techniques. Choose us to lay hold of a successful product launch event with our diverse venue locations and exceptional amenities. With stylish venues, decorate the location with trendy and quirky aesthetics to give your product launch a modernistic perspective. If you want a small and chic event, make use of our halls to ensure a hospitable product launch. With state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and top-grade projection technology, showcase a presentation about your product to win the confidence of your audience. Plot on a fashion runway and make use of our smart lighting to ensure a dazzling show. Book professional photographers and videographers to capture every detail of your product launch. When your product is your big vision, why narrow your imagination about the launch?

Movie Premiere

From movie premiere to music release, your choice of the venue speaks a lot about the degree of success of your event. Pick a suitable venue from our range of options. With our state-of-art AV technology and top-notch projection technology, you don’t have to compromise the quality of your movie premieres. With a large and spacious expanse, invite all your significant guests and serve them the best of meals and refreshments. Present a sophisticated ambience for the premiere event and let your guests leave the event with a strong impression. Use our photography and videography services to shine on all social media platforms. From theatres to halls, our venues are specially equipped to make your event stand out. From setting up a glamorous red carpet entrance to streaming the event live for online viewers, we handle all the details and logistics of the event. When you don’t spare a single detail about your creative projects, why turn a blind eye to the most essential features of its launch?

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