Abhishek & Nidhi

Tracing a Romantic Journey

Abhishek and Nidhi found love in the most unexpected places, in Bangalore’s hustle and bustle. Abhishek was a young professional employed as a software engineer, while Nidhi was a talented architect working for a leading design firm. Their chemistry hit off immediately when they met at a mutual friend’s party. Soon they bonded over their shared love for art, music, and travel. Realising that they had a lot in common, they shared a deep connection, despite their different professions. The more time they spent together, their bond grew deeper, without them realising that they were falling in love. From the colourful streets of Malleshwaram to the iconic Cubbon Park, the duo explored every corner of Bangalore, trying new cuisines and dancing the night away at local clubs. Finally, the time had come when Abhishek started feeling the desire to settle and begin a family. However, in all his imagination, he saw only Nidhi completing his story of a happy family. Fearful about how Nidhi would react, he took the plunge of proposing to her. Making a romantic gesture on one of their evening strolls at Lalbagh botanical garden, Abhishek finally asked Nidhi to be his life partner. To his surprise, Nidhi had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Without any hesitance, she said an emphatic yes. Thus began the celebration of their love and the unique journey of togetherness.

The Proposal

Abhishek and Nidhi wanted their wedding to be grand and splendid! As they reached out
to us, we understood that like their love story, their wedding has to be nothing less than a royal celebration. Their hearts were locked on the option of Your Fairytale Theatre. Since both Nidhi and Abhishek are from Andhra Pradesh, we arranged for them a beautiful Andhra Style South Indian Wedding. From priest to cuisine, we made sure everything was arranged meticulously. With the blessings of elders, the wedding rituals were carried out harmoniously. The union of two families was a sight to watch as everyone danced the night away and there were beautiful performances organized for the entertainment of guests. Nidhi had no idea that Abhishek had prepared a special performance just for her. Together with our smoke effect, Abhishek gave his best shot at dancing to Allu Arjun’s hit on ‘Feel My Love’. Our background dancers gave a heightened sense of visual pleasure to the overall performances. Every guest was left with a delightful memory of the couple dancing to romantic rhythms. Truly, Abhishek and Nidhi’s wedding was spectacular in all manner of ways from a love confession to a life commitment.

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