Joanna and Subin

Tracing a Romantic Journey

Subin and Joanna met in their first year at St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. Amidst the strenuous study schedule, both Subin and Joanna felt attracted to each other while coordinating an event in their college. They both had to work closely to make the event a successful one. Finding solace in one another’s company, they both would study together and stroll around the campus. It had almost become a routine for them and eventually, they developed a deep connection where their feelings for each other became strong. They were always there for each other supporting one another. As their fifth year of medical school ended, Subin took Joanna on a surprise date. They went to Fenny’s Lounge & Kitchen, where he got down on his knees and asked Joanna to marry him, when they finished their Medical College. She said a buoyant yes as tears rolled down her cheeks, and they shared a soft kiss with the sun setting over the city. Both of them knew by this time that they wanted to spend the rest of their life in each other’s arms

The Proposal

With hopes of a magnificent wedding, Subin and Joanna approached Wedding Cloud to plan and execute their special day. They were interested in the hybrid lawn space as their wedding venue. They wanted their wedding to take place in the backdrop of natural serenity. Joanna was inclined towards the idea of having lavender as a theme colour for their wedding. We decorated the lawn with beautiful fresh springtime flowers in purple and lavender. Since Joanna was also a big fan of the Kpop boyband BTS, we put a cutout of the 7 members as a space for the photo booth. The whole wedding decoration was a quirky assemblage of Subin and Joanna’s favourite picks. From mehendi till reception, the guests had a non-stop entertainment session with our artist management services. There were magic performances, live music bands and much more. Both Subin and Joanna were surprised to claim these services at such an affordable budget. Indeed Subin and Joanna’s wedding was a blissful cacophony of love, joy and passion.

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