Kiara’s Balcony

Tracing a Romantic Journey

On the balcony, Kabir is on his knees
It was surely a love at first sight for Kabir when he could not take his eyes off the charming beauty of Kiara who was lost in oblivion waiting for her prince charming. Kabir couldn’t wait any further to profess his love to this demi-god and was down on his knees.
On the balcony, Kiara saying yes
When Kiara took a glance at Kabir’s handsome figure, she was instantly charmed by his masculine demeanour. The love birds were eagerly waiting to fly to one another.
On the deep blue stairs
They say lovers are always in a hurry and so was our Kiara who hurried down the stairs of singlehood to embrace her long-awaited lover. A kneeling Kabir lifted Kiara in his robust arms.

The Proposal

On the light blue stairs
With a look of love, the two sweethearts ascended the stairway to oneness. With hand in hand, the lovers were ready to follow one another till eternity.
Under the altar
As excitement fills their hearts to the brim we see love overflowing in their words as the two lovers exchange nuptial vows under the altar to commit to one another.
Bigger balcony
Walking through the path of newness, the newlyweds shared a kiss and danced
on the balcony of marital bliss. The world was a witness to their love and romance.

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