Rosemin & Steven

Tracing a Romantic Journey

Being from the same city of Bangalore, Rosemin and Steven grew up as childhood buddies and attended the same school and college. Their families were always aware of their good friendship. However, these childhood buddies never realised that they felt for each other romantically until they attended a close friend’s wedding. There, as they watched their close friend exchange vows with his wife, they understood that a life partner is supposed to have the quality of being a trustworthy and dependable friend. With sudden realisation of attraction towards one another, Rosemin and Steven understood the significance of one another. Soon Steven made the first move and asked Rosemin on their first date. Within a couple of months, they came to the decision of getting married by the end of the year. When they broke the news to their family, it was a joyful ruckus. That’s when the beautiful saga of planning their wedding celebration got a kickstart.

The Proposal

They wanted to host a big and lavish Christian wedding and thus reached out to Wedding Cloud. We gave them several venue options but they both were determined on the Your Fairytale Theatre. The wedding was attended by many guests from the couple’s mutual friends to church friends and extended relatives. Rosemin and Steven wanted their family and friends to witness their love story through a video presentation. So our team prepared a beautiful and scenic video of their love story through the theme-based pre-wedding photoshoot to encapsulate their romance.

Their wedding event had several paradisaical moments with the couple exchanging vows and sealing the deal by sharing a warm kiss. We had also arranged a customised wedding cake for the couple that displayed a photostory of their romance. Soon the hall was echoing with high-spirited performances from both sides of the family, together with fun games and funnier stories from their mutual friends. Rosemin’s mother shed tears of joy as she was sharing how lucky she feels to find a son-in-law in Steven. The couple danced at their wedding reception, replicating the moment they realised they were falling in love while dancing at their church friend’s reception. And their ceremony encapsulated love, friendship and a lifetime of memories. Their wedding was indeed one-of-a-kind with all its emotions.

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