Shrusthi & Abhishek

Tracing a Romantic Journey

Working as young professionals for tech giants, Sristy and Abhishek bumped into one another at a networking event and found themselves immersed in each other’s conversation. After a quick exchange of numbers, they found themselves texting each other every now and then. Soon they realised that they had a lot more in common than they initially perceived. They both loved reading books and Blossom Book House was their favourite stop as readers. With hand in hand and a pocket full of soul, they explored the city’s hidden gems, dined out frequently and spent weekends travelling Bangalore’s outskirts. Soon Sristy realised that the vacancy that sat in her heart for a long time is a space that is now held by Abhishek. While Abhishek was gathering his courage to propose to Sristy on one fine day, she took him by surprise by proposing earlier. In a very retro style, she gifted him a book which had a love letter hidden inside it. Thus started the story of two love birds endlessly desiring one another and wishing their two reflections to overlap into one.

The Proposal

When they came across Wedding Cloud, they were more than delighted to find a plethora of wedding services that we provided. They discussed their wedding plan with us and we understood our assignment. From arranging their wedding ensemble to decorating the wedding mandap, we left no stones unturned in providing a meticulous service. Sristy and Abhishek tied their knot in a traditional ceremony. Later in the evening, a musical performance was organised for the guests, and the newlyweds also performed a duet dance. With our DJ services, the evening was lit with endless energetic moves. In conclusion, Sristy and Abhishek shared their experience of falling in love with one another and hoped for a blessed togetherness in the vicissitudes of life.

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