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Wedding Cloud is a Venue Management & Event Management team who are professionals at organizing weddings. We help the couple plan their wedding and take over all the management of the wedding so that the couple can simply just focus on themselves and their guests on their special day. We are experienced wedding organizers who brainstorm the big works and the little things so that everything goes well and as planned on that big day. The bigger aspects of our role could entail the selection of the venue, taking care of the food and beverage and managing the risk contingencies on the wedding day and the smaller aspects could entail looking into the intricacies such picking the theme, colour, décor, flowers and clothing so that the entire event turns out a grand success and the couple get an amazing hallmark experience

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Krishi V Bhat

Monisha Shetty

Shilpa Shreyansh

Shwetha Hareesh

Sai Swetha

Sharon Victoria

Subin Thankachan

I had my wedding here and it was arranged very beautifully by the team.They took great care of all our requirements and were very supportive in every way! Our event was a great success with our guests showering praises about the place, decor and food!

I had an amazing wedding at this beautiful venue, the event took place very smoothly as the team had taken care of everything excellent rooms, beautiful decorations. The hospitality was good, followed all covid protocols. Would definitely recommend this location for any events!

Everything is so well planned at the venue, this wedding look really grand with all the planning, beautiful decor, couple entry for all events and the complete wedding package.Thank you guys once again for this memorable wedding !!

Chose this Venue for my wedding. To begin with the place is easily accessible, large space and very well maintained. The rooms are no less than a 4 star hotel. The team went above and beyond to make our event a success. The whole team was very patient and accommodating!

I had an amazing wedding of my dream Simple yet classic arrangement made by the team. The rooms are very spacious and very well maintained Thank you soo much team for taking care of every minor detail!

We had a wonderful time on all 3 - days in the venue, Bangalore. From the wedding arrangements to our stay was so pleasant and smooth. Especially, the reception fireworks to decoration arrangements were excellent. Upkeep of the property was very good and all pandemic protocols were taken care by the management. Extremely positive attitude of team members. I wish them lots of success in future. This was one of the best experiences I ever had. Thank you for making my brother's marriage a success.

Amazing experience!! The Team made our wedding an experience of a lifetime!! Experienced staff to help you choose what you want. Clean and well maintained place.

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